My trip to Turkey

I love visiting different countries and learning new cultures. Last summer I visited Turkey with my family and stayed there for ten days. It was one of my favorite countries I’ve ever been to. Our first station in the trip was Bursa, we settled there for three days. Surprisingly, it started raining on our first day and the weather was very pleasant and lovely. What I liked about Bursa the most was its nature. The view from above was astonishing and very beautiful.BorsaWe used the tour bus as transportation in order to visit as much touristic locations as possible. The first stop was the farm, where horse riding and chicken feeding were some of the few things we did there. It was my first time riding a horse without anyones assistance, which was a wonderful experience for me. Bursa became the first major capital city of the early Ottoman Empire following its capture from the Byzantines in 1326. As a result, the city witnessed a considerable amount of urban growth throughout the 14th century.turkey 2014
We continued our trip to one of the historical villages in Bursa. A variety of Turkish TV series have been shot there, which is why it is one of the most visited villages. Markets could be found everywhere, which made it simpler for us to buy things. turkeyAfter roaming the village for a few hours, we continued our journey to the Mountain. Because it was too high, we used the telefric, which is a mountain cable car, as transportation instead of the tour bus. The weather was too cold and bleak up there. We had no idea it would be that cold, so unfortunately we didn’t get any jackets with. When the hailstorm suddenly hit, everyone started running for shelter. There was only a small restaurant, so we had squeeze through the crowd.telefric
We then continued the remainder of our days in Istanbul. I personally liked Istanbul more than Bursa because I had the chance to stay longer, discover more places and do lots of stuff. We visited Taksim Square, the most famous market in Istanbul. We also went to the blue mosque and the grand bazaar. We used different ways of transportation  such as trams, metros, and busses.unnamedOverall, it was a magical vacation and I really enjoyed my stay in Turkey. Hopefully I could revisit it again in the near future. I highly recommend visiting Turkey for a unique experience.



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