Pre production and 3D Modeling

Pre production is the phase where the direction of the project first takes form. The pre production phases include: concept design, storyboarding, animatics, sculpting/modeling and texturing. Firstly, we have the concept design, also known as visual development or concept art. It is the stage where the ideas are created and become modified. A concept artist usually generates a visual design for an item or character. This includes film, animation, and video game production. The picture of Tarzan below is an example of concept art/design.tarzan concept art

Then we have storyboarding, which shows the concept of the story by frames. It is a sequence of drawings that visualizes the animation. They describe the frame in more detail such as mood, lighting and the camera moves. It gives a better idea of how the scene will look. It also helps you define the parameters of a story and organize and focus a story. A storyboard sequence is usually assigned to a group of artists, and sometimes only one artist to get the job done. After one sequence is finished, it is presented to a group for feedback. It will either be approved or sent back for revision. This picture is one example of a storyboard.tarzan storyboard

After storyboard, we have animatics. Animatics is a collection of images which are joined together to display a dialogue. Basically, animatics is an animated storyboard. Storyboards are brought together and then cut with the appropriate timing and pace of the film. They also include some basic sound effects and recordings. Animatics is one of the most important structures on creating an animated short/movie. The picture shown here is an example of animatics from the movie Iron Man 3.iron man animatics

Finally, we have 3D modeling, texturing and lighting. In this last step, all of our concepts and ideas are brought to life. Which means that everything related to our idea should be fully complete. Texturing is used for add details and textures to your object or character. You must keep in mind that lighting is an extremely important feature during 3D modeling and texturing. The image below is a great example of modeling, texturing and lighting applied on a character.3D_model



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