MDU 115.3 final project: Bomber

My final university project for this trimester in MDU 115 (Bachelor of Animation) requires creating and animating a bomber on 3DS max, which is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. A bomber is a an aircraft or spaceship designed to carry and drop bombs. For this project, I will be creating the  X-Wing Starfighter from the “Star Wars” movies as shown in the image below. X WingFirst, I started adding the blueprints of the bomber in order to copy the way I’m going to place the objects based on the blueprints’ positions. Then I went to the Standard Primitives list and placed a box in the middle of the blueprints and started changing the length, width, height, and height segments to make sure that the box is ready to be modified. After the box was added and ready to be modified, I converted it into an editable polygon and started editing the sides of the box using the vertex option. After I was finished from changing the box’s shape, I began extruding the back of the box until the body of the bomber was created. I then started inserting and extruding the top side of the body to form the seat of the X-Wing. I was finally done creating the body of my X-Wing, so I selected two lines from both the left and right sides of the bomber and extruded them outside to form the wings. I used the vertex option to fix the size and shape of the wings and make them look neat. I went back to the Standard Primitives list and created a sphere which was added behind the seat as an R2D2 droid. Then I created a cylinder from the same list and adjusted the size, shape, and rotation to form a shooter. After I was done adjusting the cylinder, I moved it to the top side of the left wing then starting inserting and extruding the two ends to finish creating the proper shooters. Then I created a box and started fixing the size and curved it in order to create the laser tip which was later placed on the first side of the shooter. The final and proper shape of the shooter was later cloned three times, and one of the cloned shooters was placed on the top right side, another on the bottom left side, and the last one on the bottom right side. I also created another cylinder and adjusted it’s size and shape to form a usual thrust engine, which was later cloned and placed on the top left and right sides, and bottom left and right sides. The X-Wing was finally created and grouped, which leads us to the next important steps, which are adding the lighting, texturing, and animation to it. bomber for post

I used the daylight option to fix the lighting and background. I added the galaxy background to give it that Star Wars look and feel. Then I proceeded with animating by making it move forward and spin around as it accelerates.spinninh bomber for postThe pictures below are screenshots of all of my bomber blueprints which were used to create animate the X-Wing Starfighter. These are the front, left, right, and top views respectively.

Front view.bomber blueprint frontLeft view.bomber blueprint leftRight view.bomber blueprint rightTop viewbomber blueprint topAs for the textures and UV, I used photoshop in order to add them later on to my bomber. The images below are screenshots of the textures and UV.bomber on photoshopuv template


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