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MDU 115 Assignment 2 Blog

In this assignment, I created and animated a spaceship that would release its weapon on earth causing the planet to shrink instantly until it disappears. The image below is a screenshot of the animation I created. earthFirst I created a sphere, which will be the earth. After that I added an image of a flat earth, which will then take the shape of the sphere. As you can see in the picture below, this is the image I used for adding it on the sphere. flat_earth_by_enforcedcrowdAfter I was done with creating Earth, I added a box and converted it into an editable polygon so that I could use the vertex option and change the sides of the box to make it look like a spaceship. The image below is a screenshot of the box that I created.spaceship boxI started changing the box’s length, width, and height before using vertex to fix the sides. The picture below is a screenshot of the box after I fixed the sides and made it look like a spaceship. spaceshipAfter I was done, I finally animated everything in this scene and made it look as if the spaceship released its weapon on Earth which resulted in Earth instantly shrinking. The screenshots below are scenes from the clip I animated. space finalspace final 2space final 3space final 4space final 5space final 6