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MDU 115 Assignment 2 Blog

In this assignment, I created and animated a spaceship that would release its weapon on earth causing the planet to shrink instantly until it disappears. The image below is a screenshot of the animation I created. earthFirst I created a sphere, which will be the earth. After that I added an image of a flat earth, which will then take the shape of the sphere. As you can see in the picture below, this is the image I used for adding it on the sphere. flat_earth_by_enforcedcrowdAfter I was done with creating Earth, I added a box and converted it into an editable polygon so that I could use the vertex option and change the sides of the box to make it look like a spaceship. The image below is a screenshot of the box that I created.spaceship boxI started changing the box’s length, width, and height before using vertex to fix the sides. The picture below is a screenshot of the box after I fixed the sides and made it look like a spaceship. spaceshipAfter I was done, I finally animated everything in this scene and made it look as if the spaceship released its weapon on Earth which resulted in Earth instantly shrinking. The screenshots below are scenes from the clip I animated. space finalspace final 2space final 3space final 4space final 5space final 6


MDU 115.3 final project: Bomber

My final university project for this trimester in MDU 115 (Bachelor of Animation) requires creating and animating a bomber on 3DS max, which is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. A bomber is a an aircraft or spaceship designed to carry and drop bombs. For this project, I will be creating the  X-Wing Starfighter from the “Star Wars” movies as shown in the image below. X WingFirst, I started adding the blueprints of the bomber in order to copy the way I’m going to place the objects based on the blueprints’ positions. Then I went to the Standard Primitives list and placed a box in the middle of the blueprints and started changing the length, width, height, and height segments to make sure that the box is ready to be modified. After the box was added and ready to be modified, I converted it into an editable polygon and started editing the sides of the box using the vertex option. After I was finished from changing the box’s shape, I began extruding the back of the box until the body of the bomber was created. I then started inserting and extruding the top side of the body to form the seat of the X-Wing. I was finally done creating the body of my X-Wing, so I selected two lines from both the left and right sides of the bomber and extruded them outside to form the wings. I used the vertex option to fix the size and shape of the wings and make them look neat. I went back to the Standard Primitives list and created a sphere which was added behind the seat as an R2D2 droid. Then I created a cylinder from the same list and adjusted the size, shape, and rotation to form a shooter. After I was done adjusting the cylinder, I moved it to the top side of the left wing then starting inserting and extruding the two ends to finish creating the proper shooters. Then I created a box and started fixing the size and curved it in order to create the laser tip which was later placed on the first side of the shooter. The final and proper shape of the shooter was later cloned three times, and one of the cloned shooters was placed on the top right side, another on the bottom left side, and the last one on the bottom right side. I also created another cylinder and adjusted it’s size and shape to form a usual thrust engine, which was later cloned and placed on the top left and right sides, and bottom left and right sides. The X-Wing was finally created and grouped, which leads us to the next important steps, which are adding the lighting, texturing, and animation to it. bomber for post

I used the daylight option to fix the lighting and background. I added the galaxy background to give it that Star Wars look and feel. Then I proceeded with animating by making it move forward and spin around as it accelerates.spinninh bomber for postThe pictures below are screenshots of all of my bomber blueprints which were used to create animate the X-Wing Starfighter. These are the front, left, right, and top views respectively.

Front view.bomber blueprint frontLeft view.bomber blueprint leftRight view.bomber blueprint rightTop viewbomber blueprint topAs for the textures and UV, I used photoshop in order to add them later on to my bomber. The images below are screenshots of the textures and UV.bomber on photoshopuv template

History of 3D Graphics

3D computer graphics rely on many of the same uses of 2D computer vector graphics. In computer graphics software, the distinction between 2D and 3D is occasionally blurred; 2D applications may use 3D techniques to achieve effects such as lighting, and 3D may use 2D rendering techniques. 3D computer graphics are often referred to as 3D models. Apart from the rendered graphic, the model is contained within the graphical data file. However, there are differences: a 3D model is the mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object. A model is not technically a graphic until it is displayed. A model can be displayed visually as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering or used in non-graphical computer simulations and calculations. With 3D printing, 3D models are similarly rendered into a 3D physical representation of the model, with limitations to how accurate the rendering can match the virtual model.

ultron cgi

Lighting, Rendering and Composting

Lighting is the process of adding light sources and reflections to a scene. It requires both an artist and a physicist because the job requires both art and the knowledge of how light reflects, refracts and absorbs. Lighting is much more complex than it appears. There are a few types of lighting techniques that are required for different types of scenes. For example, a point light, or an omni-light, originate from a single source and are good for objects such as lit candles because their light shines out in all directions from the one wick. On the other hand, there are other types such as ambient lighting, which is where a single source casts soft rays out in all directions. It’s very unusual that a scene would include only one lighting technique, such as point lighting or animation

Rendering is the process at the end of production. All details are carefully enhanced by a rendering program in that process. Even though details are shown during the animation process, they are barely shown in high resolution. Rendering brings out the ones such as small particles, and adds the more realistic lighting, color and texture.rendering

Composting, which is the process of overlaying several layers to create a more complex 3D video. A 3D render is never finished unless it has been composited because compositing adds richness and beauty to any scene and it’s where scenes are color-corrected and enhanced. Compositing is he final stage of rendering and the last stage of post-production before the product is ready to be distributed.composting

UV Mapping

UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model’s surface. It is created by unwrapping the object itself and laying a texture of the 2d bits. It can control the way the texture wraps on the 3D model. Texturing is how flat images are applied to 3D objects — also known as wrapping. Texturing is the process of applying both colours and textures to to this 2D mesh, ready to be wrapped over the plain 3D model.For more complex models it’s not uncommon to use what’s called an “unwrap” — which is simply a map that shows how a 2D map will wrap around a 3D model.Textures are never applied directly to a 3D model however — always a UV map!


Pre production and 3D Modeling

Pre production is the phase where the direction of the project first takes form. The pre production phases include: concept design, storyboarding, animatics, sculpting/modeling and texturing. Firstly, we have the concept design, also known as visual development or concept art. It is the stage where the ideas are created and become modified. A concept artist usually generates a visual design for an item or character. This includes film, animation, and video game production. The picture of Tarzan below is an example of concept art/design.tarzan concept art

Then we have storyboarding, which shows the concept of the story by frames. It is a sequence of drawings that visualizes the animation. They describe the frame in more detail such as mood, lighting and the camera moves. It gives a better idea of how the scene will look. It also helps you define the parameters of a story and organize and focus a story. A storyboard sequence is usually assigned to a group of artists, and sometimes only one artist to get the job done. After one sequence is finished, it is presented to a group for feedback. It will either be approved or sent back for revision. This picture is one example of a storyboard.tarzan storyboard

After storyboard, we have animatics. Animatics is a collection of images which are joined together to display a dialogue. Basically, animatics is an animated storyboard. Storyboards are brought together and then cut with the appropriate timing and pace of the film. They also include some basic sound effects and recordings. Animatics is one of the most important structures on creating an animated short/movie. The picture shown here is an example of animatics from the movie Iron Man 3.iron man animatics

Finally, we have 3D modeling, texturing and lighting. In this last step, all of our concepts and ideas are brought to life. Which means that everything related to our idea should be fully complete. Texturing is used for add details and textures to your object or character. You must keep in mind that lighting is an extremely important feature during 3D modeling and texturing. The image below is a great example of modeling, texturing and lighting applied on a character.3D_model


My trip to Turkey

I love visiting different countries and learning new cultures. Last summer I visited Turkey with my family and stayed there for ten days. It was one of my favorite countries I’ve ever been to. Our first station in the trip was Bursa, we settled there for three days. Surprisingly, it started raining on our first day and the weather was very pleasant and lovely. What I liked about Bursa the most was its nature. The view from above was astonishing and very beautiful.BorsaWe used the tour bus as transportation in order to visit as much touristic locations as possible. The first stop was the farm, where horse riding and chicken feeding were some of the few things we did there. It was my first time riding a horse without anyones assistance, which was a wonderful experience for me. Bursa became the first major capital city of the early Ottoman Empire following its capture from the Byzantines in 1326. As a result, the city witnessed a considerable amount of urban growth throughout the 14th century.turkey 2014
We continued our trip to one of the historical villages in Bursa. A variety of Turkish TV series have been shot there, which is why it is one of the most visited villages. Markets could be found everywhere, which made it simpler for us to buy things. turkeyAfter roaming the village for a few hours, we continued our journey to the Mountain. Because it was too high, we used the telefric, which is a mountain cable car, as transportation instead of the tour bus. The weather was too cold and bleak up there. We had no idea it would be that cold, so unfortunately we didn’t get any jackets with. When the hailstorm suddenly hit, everyone started running for shelter. There was only a small restaurant, so we had squeeze through the crowd.telefric
We then continued the remainder of our days in Istanbul. I personally liked Istanbul more than Bursa because I had the chance to stay longer, discover more places and do lots of stuff. We visited Taksim Square, the most famous market in Istanbul. We also went to the blue mosque and the grand bazaar. We used different ways of transportation  such as trams, metros, and busses.unnamedOverall, it was a magical vacation and I really enjoyed my stay in Turkey. Hopefully I could revisit it again in the near future. I highly recommend visiting Turkey for a unique experience.


Victims of bullying

We’ve all faced difficulties in our lives at some point, but in my opinion, bullying is one of the worst things anyone can go through, especially when it’s on a daily basis. Bullying is an aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. It is the use of force or threat to abuse or intimidate others. It is an age-old problem that most likely will not be solved, but could be prevented.bully-1Bullying can happen anywhere. It could be at the park, at school, at a mall or even on social media sites. The use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone is called cyberbullying. I personally find cyberbullying more dangerous than physical and verbal bullying because anyone can act anonymously on social medias and spread offenses over the web for everyone to see, which in that case could lead the person being bullied into depression, lower self-esteem and even self-harm. cyberbullyingWhen I was in eighth grade, I had a classmate who used to always get bullied by others in school. He told the principal about it, but all the bullies did was stop harassing and threatening him for one week then continued after that. I felt very sorry for him that he had to go through bullying everyday. Students started a bullying campaign to spread awareness in our school, but it wasn’t effective enough. Only the minority cared about it. One day, I was passing by the kindergarten section at my school and saw some kids using this act of violence. I was shocked when I found out that bullying started at such a young age.child bulliedAccording to facts and statistics: 90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying, 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month, bullied victims are 7 to 9% more likely to consider suicide and  1 out of every 10 students who drops out of school does so because of repeated bullying. In conclusion, I think that we should all take this matter seriously and effective programs should be practiced starting from early years stages in order to prevent this issue from progressing in higher grades.


My best experience ever

On the ninth of April, 2015, I attended MEFCC (Middle East Film and Comic Con) at Dubai World Trade Centre. It all started when I was listening to Virgin Radio. They confirmed that MEFCC will return to Trade Centre for their third year. I’ve heard of Comic Con before, but never attended one. MEFCC is a comic convention held annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the month of April. The MEFCC showcases comic books, fantasy, film and related popular arts as well as horror, animation, collectible card games, video games and fantasy novels. MEFCC was founded in 2011 by Middle East based communications agency ExtraCake PRA. My first time attending Comic Con was on April 2015 and it was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever been through (especially since I’m a huge fan of comics and movies).

Curator-Comic-Con-22Comic Con first began in 1970 when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans worked together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California. The purpose of this event was to raise funds and generate interest for a larger convention. The success led to the first full-fledged, three-day San Diego Comic-Con held on August 1–3, 1970.comiccon 2Since it was my first time to attend Comic Con, I went with a simple Iron Man mask. I didn’t really prepare myself for a full cosplay (costume), but I did get the chance to meet many people with different mind-blowing cosplays. Some of the famous and well known comic book writers, actors and cartoonists were in the convention surrounded by a lot of fans taking pictures and autographs. One of the cosplays that I personally loved was the Daft Punk costume shown in the picture below.
Daft Punk MEFCCMEFCC will be back on April of next year and I am looking forward to attending the convention for my second time and having a great time there.
me at MEFCC


Animation in my view

Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed watching a variety of animated movies such as Toy Story, Shrek, Madagascar, WALL-E and Finding Nemo. I still remember the days I used to go to the cinema with my family and watch an animated movie, it was always one of the best days for me. dreamworks characters

As I grew up, my interest in animation increased which made me curious about how these movies are being made. I was fascinated by the quality of animation throughout the years. So I started watching behind the scenes videos for animation on YouTube. I am currently studying Animation at SAE to expand my knowledge in that major. Animation is a simulation of movement created by displaying series of pictures, or frames. Cartoons is one example of animation. As Frost, D., an English journalist, once said “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because if you work hard on what you really want and love, then you will be good and successful at it. I’ve started practicing animation on the 3DS Max, a software that provides a comprehensive 3D modeling and animation. 3DS MaxI can’t wait till we go deeper into this major in university and learn more about this subject and it’s fields. Hopefully after I’m done studying, I’ll be able to do many short animated movies of my own and share them with others.