A way to get to know me

Hey there, welcome to my first post on my blog! My name is Khalid Kebrit, I was born in the UAE but I am originally from Lebanon. My hobbies are drawing, swimming, playing (and watching) football and basketball. I am seventeen years old and currently studying Animation at SAE Institute in Dubai. I graduated from Dubai International School in June 2015 and will hopefully graduate from SAE in 2 years. The reason I chose Animation is because I’ve always loved watching animated movies and I got really interested in doing a short animated movie of my own. During high school, I had no idea which major would suit me best. I was always confused and struggled in finding my way through. But in the end, I was finally able to choose a major that could match my abilities.graduationIn ten years, I see myself working at one of the most popular multinational companies specializing in animation. When I was young, I used to love drawing a lot! I was very good at it back then, but I stopped for a while and started losing my ability to draw, which is why I started practicing again so that I can get better at it. This is one of my recent drawings. spiderI am interested in collecting figures and Funko PoP’s (character bobbleheads). I have a bunch of them in my room and I even made a specific place for these figures and I am willing to expand my collection in the near future.funko popThanks for passing by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think about my first post in the comments section. me 2References:

  • All personal information and pictures by me.